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Jiggy Dance

Put on your dancing shoes and tape your own Jiggy dance in your local city!

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Jiggy Dance from Chicago, Illinois

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Watch the television Producer Jim Michaels as he does a JIGGY DANCE in Chicago, Illinois!

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Creation: A scientific perspective -...

4917 views / 1 comments

Dr. Emil Silvestru, PhD. in Geology, speaks on Mathematics and the Origins Theories

rhodes, julia, rock, phd, bible, doctor, dr, evolution, emil, creation

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Clancy’s Meat Co

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Clancy's Meat Co. is proud to serve North America as one of the fastest growing...

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Alec’s Automotive and GiveR

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Thank you to Alec's Automotive in supporting our Community Reality WEB TV Raise Campaign...

engine rebuilders, camshaft, pistons, push rods, engine parts